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The most of the pictures if took my self and so I have got the copyright fpr them. I have got the other pictures (from the pedigree, breed standrad, puppy-pics to 9 weeks and the photos of Amelie´s parents) by the friendly support of Amelie´s Breeder Anne D.Schans. These pictures may become other-applied only with her permission. I would like to thank her here at this point also once more surely warmly.

With opinion from the 12th of May, 1998 the district court has decided Hamburg that by the fixing of a link the contents of the linked page are to be answered if necessary with. This can be prevented only by the fact that one strictly dissociates himself from these contents. Is considered to all links which Amelie's homepage leave: I have no influence on the organization and the contents of the linked pages. Herewith therefore I strictly dissociate myself from all contents of all linked pages on this homepage and their contents do not do to me to own, should carry this of the racist, sexist or pornographic sort its or contents which offend against human dignity, human right, against valid international law or law of Germany.